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Siemens is producing the best MRI systems, so AGF is trading the best products on the market. The durability of the scanners is excellent, but when something serious breaks and we have to interrupt our workflow, we never have to wait long for the part exchange. Within twelve years of our collaboration with AGF, we had only a few serious issues with the scanner, but in such situations, the following day the spare part was already flying to Cyprus. What I appreciate most is the speed. Quick diagnosis of the issue, quick order of the proper spare part, fast delivery from abroad, and quick installation of the parts. No matter whether is a working day or weekend.


Juraj Straka

Ayios Therissos
MRI Technologist

High quality cooperation with AGF. The team has excellent knowledge of the products, they are very responsive to service requests and always successful in completing them.


Nektarios Angonas

Polyclinic Ygia
Technical and Biomedical Process Operator

I will definitely recommend you to others. What I really like with your company is the after sales service. A lot of companies have and sell products similar to yours but to my experience none is providing the after sale service you are providing and to me this is of most importance.


George Kaniklides

St George & Blue Cross Private Hospital Ltd
General Manager