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ALSA apparecchi medicali srl is a leader manufacturer in the production of medical devices.

Born as a manufacturer of little diagnostic instruments, the Company since the ‘60s has modified and increased step by step its industrialization level, by introducing first Suction Units and Physical Therapy Devices, then Electrosurgical Units actually designed according to the most advanced technology and applicable International Safety Standard.

ALSA has always operated in compliance with the International Rules, and it is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, which are real guarantees of quality during all the design and production phases.

ALSA is currently producing:

  • 20 different models of Electrosurgical Units:
    • no. 11 models for High Surgery, 3 of them with Argon integrated module
    • no. 4 models for High Surgery with Touch-Screen technology, 2 of them with Argon integrated module
    • no. 5 models for Small and Medium Surgery
  • 4 series of Suction Units for Surgery/Vacuum Extraction
  • 3 models of Smoke Evacuators Systems for both open and laparoscopic surgery.

All our products are EC certified, which means a high guarantee of quality for them.


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Alsa bologna