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Apollonion Private Hospital

posted | 23-Dec

Apollonion Private Hospital

AGF has handed over to the Apollonion Private Hospital a Siemens MAGNETOM Aera 1,5T MRI System. MAGNETOM Aera, as the top-of-the-line 1.5T scanner, offers various technological features, aiding you in obtaining excellent image quality and maximizing 1.5T. Every case. Every day.

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Our Services

It is the policy of AGF Trading & Engineering Ltd to serve the Customer’s needs by providing a quality product on time every time in the field of trading, installation and maintenance of medical equipment.

The Company is fully committed to maintaining throughout the company a Quality Management System which is based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and of applicable legislation. Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of every member of staff.


Hospital Turnkey Solutions

Through SIEMENS AG and their Partners we can provide and support the Concept, Design and Planning of Medical Technologies, Building Management Infrastructure, Communication, IT and Energy Components.  

Sales and Marketing of Medical Equipment

Our team is in a position to provide inquiring customers with professional support for an equipment offer tailored to their needs. Additional relevant services can be provided upon request concerning overall solution planning.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of Medical Equipment

We provide both corrective and preventive maintenance support for medical equipment. 

Our responsibility is to make available the said systems  for patient clinical use performing to  Manufacturer’s specification and with the general requirements for safety as laid down by the relevant European Standard.



Siemens Remote Service


Capitalize on a new dimension in system support.


Siemens Remote Service (SRS) is the efficient and comprehensive infrastructure for the complete spectrum of medical-equipment-related remote services. Services that formerly required on-site visits are now available via data transfer. This includes rapid error identification as well as immediate remote repair. But that‘s not all. By proactively monitoring your systems, we can detect parameter deviations before problems occur.


The Standard Services of SRS include:


 • Diagnosis and Repair – we can often correct software errors immediately online. And if an engineer is required on site, we are able to support that person efficiently; with remote diagnosis, we can identify defective parts and accelerate their delivery, keeping repair times to a minimum.


Event Monitoring – we periodically screen the performance of your system. If a deviation from a predefined value is detected, we immediately initiate the appropriate action to support your clinical workflow.


Software Updates – on a continual basis, we install the latest software updates on your system online. Thus we make sure that your system stays state-of-the-art.


LifeNet – we provide up-to-the-minute system and application-related information such as 90-day free trial application licenses, application guides, FAQs, and clinical training schedules directly at the user console of your CT imaging system to help you stay at the competitive edge.

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