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Apollonion Private Hospital

posted | 23-Dec

Apollonion Private Hospital

AGF has handed over to the Apollonion Private Hospital a Siemens MAGNETOM Aera 1,5T MRI System. MAGNETOM Aera, as the top-of-the-line 1.5T scanner, offers various technological features, aiding you in obtaining excellent image quality and maximizing 1.5T. Every case. Every day.

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Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center


AGF has handed over today to the BOCOC a Siemens Wide Bore Multi-Slice CT System to be used for both radiography planning scans and whole body diagnostic examinations. The application training has been successfully completed on-site by Mr. Zbigniew Musial from the Siemens Healthcare CT Applications Training Department in Germany. The system has also successfully passed the image quality and dosimentry tests implemented by the in-house Medical Physics Department


SOMATOM Sensation Open

Flexibility in CT

SOMATOM Sensation Open meets today’s challenges, combining the advantages of a large bore with advanced multislice CT technology. By harmonizing patient accessibility, volume coverage, and acquisition speed SOMATOM Sensation Open provides optimal care for virtually all patients.


SOMATOM Sensation Open - Features & Benefits

Unlimited Accessibility – Extended Clinical Spectrum
Get the flexibility to optimally position virtually all patients for radiation therapy planning in the large 82 cm gantry opening and optimize patient-accessibility for minimal-invasive interventions and scanning of bariatric patients.

Unprecedented Image Quality and Detail in Large Bore CT
Obtain up to 40 slices* per rotation with the industry’s highest routine isotropic resolution of below 0.4 mm* utilizing
z-Sharp Technology* and the unparalleled STRATON X-ray tube.

Lowest Patient Exposure
Reduce dose up to 68%** while maintaining optimal image quality with Siemens’ unique CARE solutions

Diagnostic Speed and Confidence in CT
Enhance clinical performance and substantially reduce processing time with our CT Clinical Engines*, the intelligent combination of workflow solutions and advanced applications.



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