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Apollonion Private Hospital

posted | 23-Dec

Apollonion Private Hospital

AGF has handed over to the Apollonion Private Hospital a Siemens MAGNETOM Aera 1,5T MRI System. MAGNETOM Aera, as the top-of-the-line 1.5T scanner, offers various technological features, aiding you in obtaining excellent image quality and maximizing 1.5T. Every case. Every day.

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The American Heart Institute


Angiography System - COROSKOP PLUS


Single plane cardiac angiography system for diagnostic and interventional procedures, including the HICOR T.O.P. digital imaging system.


The system contains the following components:


COROSKOP Hi-P: Fast, microprocessor controlled C-arm gantry to obtain double oblique cardiac projections.

KOORDINAT M:  Floor mounted catheterization table with carbon fiber tabletop and comfort mattress

Cardiac Collimator: Collimator specifically designed for cardiac applications

HICOR T.O.P: High-definition digital system, specifically designed to meet the demands in cardiac angiography. Acquisition and display in 1024 matrix format.

MEGALIX Cat: High Performance liquid bearing and continuous rotating x-ray tube specifically designed for cardio angiography



Gamma Camera - Integrated Orbiter HD-37.


The Open ORBITER is a nuclear medicine gamma camera system   designed for high quality static, dynamic, cardiac and gated SPECT and planar studies.


The Open ORBITER consists of a single, high resolution, circular field of view (FOV) detector, a universal stand with counterbalanced detector yoke an operator console containing camera electronics and high performance Open ICON Workstation and an Emission Computed Tomography (ECT) patient bed.


The Open ORBITER system's detector offers a 38.7cm field of view and maximizes SPECT imaging capabilities, especially during heart studies. Designed for low, medium and high energies, the system offers full clinical utility.

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